The work of Daniel Rybakken occu­pies the area between art and design, form­ing lim­ited edi­tions, art install­a­tions and pro­to­types for seri­al pro­duc­tion. His main focus has been to work with day­light and how to arti­fi­cially recre­ate its appear­ance and sub­con­scious effect.

Och Studio has worked close to Rybakken from his early exhib­i­tions at the Salone Satellite in Milan to the com­pris­ing exhib­i­tion cov­er­ing his entire career at the National Museum of Norway in 2013.

Och Studio designed a series of pro­mo­tion cards for Rybakken’s new lamp pro­duced by Luceplan, called Ascent. The lamp head can be moved up and down on a ver­tic­al pole and as the lamp ascends the cone of light changes from nar­row to wide. For the pro­mo­tion cards Och Studio made three water col­our illus­tra­tions describ­ing the basic func­tion­al­ity of the Ascent lamp.

Other projects for Daniel Rybakken:

Packaging and Product Graphics of Right Angle Mirror for Galerie Kreo, Paris
The New Light — Daniel Rybakken, Ipad Catalogue for the National Museum of Norway
The New Light – Daniel Rybakken, Exhibiton for the National Museum of Norway
Milan 2010, Catalogue for Daniel Rybakken
Milan 2011, Catalogue for Daniel Rybakken