M Picaut Swedish Skincare is an exclus­ive skin­care brand with anti-aging prop­er­ties com­bined with nat­ur­al ingredi­ents. The major­ity of the ingredi­ents are grown without the use of pesti­cides or oth­er tox­ins and the pro­duc­tion is set loc­ally in Sweden.

Och Studio designed the iden­tity, pack­aging and web­site for M Picaut. The iden­tity strives to cap­tur­ing both the exclus­ive, the high-tech and the nat­ur­al side of the products. The pack­aging has glossy sur­faces and gen­er­ous white areas and a clear col­our palette with a strong orange accent col­our for the typo­graphy and the inside of the boxes.

Learn more about the com­pany at www.mettepicaut.se



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