Åke Hodell’s first radio play “Du, Lenin” (“Hey, Lenin,”) was broad­cast on Swedish radio for the first time in 1970. The play moves in the bur­eau­crat­ic office land­scapes of the sev­en­ties, the clank­ing cof­fers of the World Bank and the fiery speeches of the Leader to the people. In 2008 the record label Kning Disk repub­lished the play on an USB stick. The edi­tion is hand­made and lim­ited to 100 cop­ies.

Och Studio designed a pack­age inspired by the visu­al world of Åke Hodell as well as the office world where the play is set. The black cross as well as the red accent col­our is typ­ic­al imagery of Åke Hodell.

The pro­ject was made with pro­ject part­ner Lots.