The essence of Kalle Sanner’s exhib­i­tion Album is light and its con­stant trans­form­a­tion. The pic­tures are taken in Kalle’s own home without por­tray­ing the envir­on­ment, only occa­sion­ally an indic­a­tion of the place is given. His sug­gest­ive light obser­va­tions have a paint­erly feel that some­times remind of Mark Rothko’s abstract paint­ings with rich, rusty red col­or.

Och stu­dio designed the exhib­i­tion texts and cata­logue for Kalle Sannar’s exhib­i­tion. The main focus dur­ing the design pro­cess of the cata­logue was the exper­i­ence of the col­ours. Every design decision made was based on the needs of the pho­to­graphs. The cata­logue is prin­ted on Munken Lynx Rough, a premi­um uncoated paper that supur­bly matches the muted col­ours in the pho­to­graphs. It is simply fol­ded twice without staples. The typo­graphy is lim­ited to the front and back in a strict grid to make all the inform­a­tion eas­ily access­ible while walk­ing through the exhib­i­tion.

Album was Kalle Sanner’s first exhib­i­tion at the Hasselblad Center. In 2010 Och Studio designed an artist book for Kalle Sanner with the same body of work.

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