Teater Relevant is an inde­pend­ent theat­er group based in Stockholm. They are con­vinced that cul­ture can save lives, give cour­age, hope and change injustices. They use theat­er art as a weapon to do good. Teater Relevant believes that all cul­ture is polit­ic­al cul­ture.

Och Studio designed the iden­tity and web­site for the theat­er group as well as vari­ous com­mu­nic­a­tion mater­i­als, such as posters and a tote bag. The col­or plate makes a con­nec­tion to the clas­sic­al theat­er cur­tain, and is allowed to take up half of the poster space. This cre­ates the main visu­al iden­tity. The plate is bene­fi­cial, as it makes the poster stand out even from a dis­tance.