The work of Daniel Rybakken occu­pies the area between art and design, form­ing lim­ited edi­tions, art install­a­tions and pro­to­types for seri­al pro­duc­tion. His main focus has been to work with day­light and how to arti­fi­cially recre­ate its appear­ance and sub­con­scious effect.

Och Studio has worked closely to Rybakken from his early exhib­i­tions at the Salone Satellite Furniture Fair in Milan to the com­pris­ing exhib­i­tion “The New Light – Daniel Rybakken” by the National Museum of Norway, cov­er­ing his entire career. “The New Light – Daniel Rybakken” was designed as a tour­ing exhib­i­tion and was between 2013–2015 held at 9 dif­fer­ent Norwegian museums.

Och Studio designed the iden­tity, sig­nage, inform­a­tion folder and an Ipad cata­logue for the exhib­i­tion. The sig­nage was inspired by Rybakken’s exper­i­ments with light and shad­ows. The three-dimen­sion­al intro­duc­tion text can vary in its look depend­ing on how it gets lit. The exhib­i­tion texts were prin­ted on to painted, angled blocks of wood that would cast a small shad­ow on the dif­fer­ent sur­faces where they were placed.

Other projects for Daniel Rybakken:

Packaging and Product Graphics of Right Angle Mirror for Galerie Kreo, Paris
The New Light — Daniel Rybakken, Ipad Catalogue for the National Museum of Norway
Promotion Cards of Ascent for Luceplan and Daniel Rybakken
Milan 2010, Catalogue for Daniel Rybakken
Milan 2011, Catalogue for Daniel Rybakken

Other projects for National Museum of Norway:

The New Light – Daniel Rybakken, Exhibiton for the National Museum of Norway