Cum Pane is a chain of baker­ies pro­du­cing organ­ic breads and pastries in Gothenburg. The com­pany is built on a strong ideo­logy and belief in the superi­or­ity of using organ­ic ingredi­ents and tra­di­tion­al craft meth­ods through­out the bak­ing pro­ced­ure.

When Och Studio star­ted work­ing with Cum Pane, they already had a logo and the interi­or design of their first bakery and bread shop. Och Studio trans­lated the feel­ing in the bakery and the thoughts the founders had when they star­ted the bakery into a visu­al con­cept. This was achieved through an earthy col­our scheme, a set of still life pho­tos and a selec­tion of tact­ile print­ing tech­niques and paper qual­it­ies.

These are two of the bread Still Lifes that Och Studio has art dir­ec­ted for Cum Pane. The pho­tos have been used on post­cards, online, at retail­ers and on deliv­ery trucks.

Other projects for Cum Pane Organic Bakery:

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