Och Studio has had a tra­di­tion of pro­du­cing a Christmas gift for cli­ents and friends. These gifts are always a prin­ted mat­ter in which the prin­ted medi­um has been chal­lenged. For the 2010 Christmas gift Och Studio pro­duced a 50x70cm 3D poster.

The sub­ject is a still life made of paper snow­flakes. The install­a­tion was pho­to­graphed in ste­reo and was col­or sep­ar­ated to work with clas­sic red-green glasses. The poster was prin­ted with two christ­massy Pantone col­ors and dis­trib­uted as a kit with 3D glasses. The pro­ject was a lim­ited edi­tion of 100 cop­ies.